Summer moved on..

“Just another magic Friday…” – and yet an event full weekend ahead:D It’s funny how the way you perceive things can change so hugely by how you feel? Like today, which is rainy, I don’t really mind the rain, while days where you already feel blue, the rain can be what you blame your bad mood on. But today, nothing can turn my smile upside down! 😀 Now it’s all of a sudden only 17 days left until I leave for Norwegian summer, so the rain here doesn’t bother me much:) I’m really looking forward to seeing all my darlings at home.. Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since last time! Time really flies fast, and a lot has changed since I saw them last.. It’s going to be great catching up and maybe try to explain my choices to them a bit.. Not that they haven’t been supportive (cause omg- they have!!),  but after months now of indecisiveness from my part, they would probably relax a bit more knowing the background of my choices I’ve done on the other side of the world:..:) I’m dreaming of light summernights, long bear-hugs from my darlings, daddy’s coffee (yum!), long talks with mum in her white kitchen, a cold beer on the dock in Tbg, lunch with my girls in Oslo, picnic in Frognerparken, going out and meeting old (-and new) friends,Norwegian BBQ until the wee hours of the morning- and the sun is still shining, my friends b’days (hopefully I’ll make Caroline and Siri’s this year as well!! :), family reunions all over the place (I have a BIG family:), getting my heels stuck in the old pavement, lauging at the expencive prices (but deciding to buy it anyway), eat lots of sørlandschips (-and chocolate even though ‘it’s milk in that’ ;p), and just relaxing and reminding myself how unbelievable lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life on both sides of the world:)  

-Yup, it’s going to be an eventful summer full of reunions, feelings and decisions .. – and no matter what happens, I know everything will work itself out the way it’s supposed to be, and I’ll be more certain of everything once I’m back in Oz again in the end of July after 6 weeks at home..:) Have a great weekend everyone!


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