For granted?

It’s weird how some thing just are… Things you rarely think about, things that are easily taken for granted, and you don’t miss it before it’s suddenly gone. Like this morning I wake up to a txt from one of my roomies saying the electricity will be off until 2pm… Oh well, I thought, how can that be a problem? It’s not that I’m an electricity freak or anything (like, what do I really use electricity for??), but as soon as I got up, I realised the problems a world without electricity would create..

  • I turned on the light- no light, oh well,
  • I’ll just have a shower- no light (I think it’s oki to know that you’re putting the shampoo in you hair, the face wash in your face etc not messing it all up in the dark:p), hm-
  • a nice cup of coffee would be great! – no hot water, oki so I’ll just
  • watch TV- hmrp- obviously that didn’t work very well either… what to do now??
  • blog on ML’s laptop- yeay, it works!!(-But only for about 15 more minutes, because then it needs to be charged).

So that’s been my morning so far:p The reason I’m even more  scattered that usual (and keep walking around the flat turning on stuff even though I know that it won’t work…), is that I went out for the famous one beer last night with a few friends… (-which NEVER works??- any ideas to how it can possibly work to stop after just that one? Suggestions are greatly appreciated:). Now the time is running out for this post, so I better just stop before I get interrupted by the lack of electricity here as well… What did people do before they had all of these little things?? How did they entertain themselves when they were alone on a Thursday afternoon? (-because at least if you have company, you have someone to talk to- which can be quite entertaining, even if you don’t have the hot water for coffe to hold while your rambling away..). Hehe- I can’t even sew! (-just thought about it, but then remembered that that too needs electricity…:p). Oh, well.. I guess I’m stuck reading or something for the next 1h 45 min… Oh, the horror!! (just kidding:p – I’ll (probably) be perfectly oki:D

-Enjoy your day and think about what your day would be without with light, TV,  hot coffe, sewing, surfing the internet, having cold food in the fridge etc… 😀


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