Clumsy? Me?

I’m what you would call a person who has probably the least knowledge about the distances between myself and my surroundings at all times… If you add a dash of really bad eye-to-hand- (foot, head etc) coordination, and zero gravity control you have me.. (aka clumsy:p). When I was growing up, my family kept telling themselves that I would grow out of it, and rarely made any remarks about my constant spilling during dinner, breaking of fancy glasses etc (-they just learned to live with it, and probably let me use the ordinary cutlery from IKEA rather than the fancy stuff:p). But I grew up, and nothing changed… Plenty times I’ve wondered how many hours (-days, weeks etc) I spend per year cleaning up stuff I’ve spilled, vacuumed broken glass, bandaged cuts and bruises etc… It must be quite a bit? My friends take great pleasure in this ongoing sketch that is my everyday- ‘curse’, but at least they’re nice enough to just smile and shake their heads rather than continuously making humourous remarks about these incidents every single time… 🙂 This week is just one of theses clumsy weeks…. I could probably blame the darkness due to the lack of electricity for most of it today at least, but that wouldn’t explain the rest of the week though.. Because of the length of this list, I’ll narrow it down to 5 incidents: Spilling coke all over the wall after I cleaned up after dinner, Spilling veggies all over the kitchen floor while making dinner for me and ML (missed the trash can:s) Cutting my hand on the broken soap- bowl in the shower (for the 3rd time), hitting my head on the (stupid) fan above the stove, almost breaking Nikolai’s guitar when I fell on the floor (soooo glad it survived the Sina attack!!), and I dropped my lunch on the floor today before I even managed to take a bite… -3 second rule! Oops, that’s 6:p

-It’s only Thursday, so the week isn’t over yet, but I hope this is it for now…:s


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