Sewing my little butt off:s

Omg- what’s my problem?? I love sewing, but every single time I spend my days doing every thing BUT sew, so when the date for the event I’m making whatever it is I’m making, I feel like a little slave- worker…:s I know it’s totally my own fault, but ‘things take time’ (- ting tar tid;p). It’s almost like I do it on purpose.. When I was studying, I almost always ‘took it easy’ until a couple of days before an xam or an essay was due, so I had to sit 24/7 for those last days.. Makes life exiting, doesn’t it? – ‘Livin’ on the edge!’ ;p Well, I’ve almost finished ML’s dress (and it looks great on her- thank god! Guess it’s not that hard to dress a person that’s so gorgeous she can make a garbage bag look good;p). But I also have to make my dress, 3 ties, sew up 2 dresses, 1 dress pants and fix a whole in a shirt… Busy weekend ahead! -but I know I’ll manage to squeeze in some fun as well;).  I have some good news as well- if I just get my course paper from my online course, I’ll be able to return my acceptance letter to Griffith and start my studies for Grad cert i July… How did this happen?? I loved the look on peoples faces when I decided to start a bachelor degree (-even though it kinda just happened in a way… but I finished it! :D). Now I’m on to postgrad stuides… Guess I’m ‘smarter’ than many of you guys think;p It’s more to this girl than just red bows, twirly skirts and mad sewing skills;p (hehe)!

-Now that I’m up for quite the busy weekend, I probably won’t have time to write before after the fantastic Norwegian national day on Monday, (my 4th one in Oz actually- I love this day where we dress in red, white and blue, scream Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in the parade in Brissy, drink beer in the sun, eat yummy food and party in Norways ‘honour’ as only us Norwegians can do:) Have a great   my lovely rays of sunlight! 😀


One Response to “Sewing my little butt off:s”

  1. May Linn Olsen Says:

    Tuuuusen Takk vennen, naa ble jeg glad for fine ord!!!
    I love you ❤

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