What a ride!

Today is one of those days where I’m just thankful… Thankful for being able to sleep in, thankful for the sun shining in the blue skies (-even though it’s not as hot anymore), thankful for being healthy, thankful for all the amazing people I have in my life and who I love so dearly, thankful for people being understanding about my decisions, thankful for my sewing going well, thankful for everything working out after all, thankful for all the butterflies in my stomach, thankful for every wonderful thing I have ahead of me, thankful for my acceptance letter from Griffith… 😀 Life is like a rollercoaster- it goes up, it goes down, it twists and turns in unexpected ways, and every single person experiences the ride in different ways… You can scream from the top of your lungs, you can laugh your head off (not literally off course:s), you can cry, you can be unmoved by the whole thing or even just wait for it to be over. I have decided to be the person that sits in the front, with a big smile on my face, and just going along with every up and down, ’cause I’ll now I’ll get off eventually and I rather enjoy every second of the ride while I can;) 

Everyone handles situations differently, and I get surprised by some peoples need for control as much as I admire those who just takes everything with ‘breaking calmness’ (hehe- knusende ro;p). After all, life will happen whether you get ‘caught up in’ every little detail or not, so why not just let go of all the stressfullness, and just enjoy the ‘little’ things in life? I know there’s a lot of big choices and decisions to make etc, but no matter where you wind up, or what you wind up doing, the only thing  that will truly make you happy is being true to yourself and others, let people in your heart, smile to everyone you meet, follow your heart and laugh as much as you can.. 😀

-woop, woop, woop -(som få;p) from a truly happy girl:)


One Response to “What a ride!”

  1. May Linn Says:

    WOOP WOOP WOOP…………. Party Time, Woop woop 🙂

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