Welcome to the 5oies! ;)

I’m in love with the 5oies:) Bows, red lips, black eyeliner, lace gloves, big circle skirts, polka dots, tulle, small waists, red nails, wavy hair, twirled fringe, flowery fabrics- I love it all! 😀 I’ve been through a million different styles, but when I started experimenting with this era, I really found myself, and it’s here to stay:) Every time I make a new 5os dress, I can’t stop smiling, and as some of you know, for me half the fun of going to a party is looking forward to dressing up (-no matter how lame that might sound;p). The way you dress is kind of an image of who you are on the inside, and I truly love people that dress differently and in a way that reflects who they are. It’s funny how some people who haven’t found their style yet, tend to ‘take’ others style instead. I’m all for being inspired by other people, but make it your own– that’s when you really find the style that complimets you and your personality, and no one can take that away from you:D

I’ll make sure to post pictures of my own made dresses soon (I know it’s waaaaaay overdue:p)- but for now, here are some essentials in my style:

What are your style essentials? ❤


One Response to “Welcome to the 5oies! ;)”

  1. vodaphone AU Says:

    ❤ supercool song!

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