Not so uncertain anymore..??

Uncertainty is an annoying feeling.. Whether it means that you’re unsure of what to do or who to be. I guess most people are feeling uncertain in one or more ways from time to time, but they have a very different ways of showing it.. Some people can’t help treating others badly just because of their own insecurities, and I think that sucks. Pushing others down shouldn’t make you feel better, right? A lot of people manages to be polite and nice even if they’re just as unsure of themselves, they’re just at better at separate the feelings (-or they’re better actors! -‘Fake it till you make it’ or something;p). I feel like I fit into a different category all together.. I’m as see-through as cling wrap, and no matter what I’m feeling, it shows on my face just as if it was written on my forehead.. This can be very annoying (because who wants everyone to see how you’re feeling at all times??). In the last couple of months, this see- throughness has been particularly annoying, as I’ve never been more confused or scattered than ever..- and since I’m also a terrible liar, I can’t even pretend that everything’s oki if someone asks.. Bad pokerface= hard to play “poker”….:s

– For a while now I’ve been extremely confused about what to do next sem, (as some of you know- hehe;p)- and even though I haven’t decided yet (and probably wont make the final decision until I’ve talked to people at home), I feel a bit exited and ‘jittery’ for the first time in a while.. As I’ve said before, I know I’ll go home to Norway ‘for good’ eventually- I’ve just felt a bit stressed about what to do when I get there now that my situation (and plans) have changed so much.. So today, (waaaait for it…………) -I applied for Masters of Business at Griffith.. 😀 The reason that I chose to do this is that I can exit (and go home) after one semester (November), and still get a Grad Certificate which will be very good for my future (in the fashion business :D). As I said, I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to go through with it yet ( in which case I’ll just go home for summer vacation for 6-7 weeks, then back to uni for another additional 3,5 months), but for the first time in ages, I feel really exited about something..:) I never thought I had it in me to get a Bachelor degree, and let alone any more studying in addition to that, so it should be very good for my self- confidence….:) It’s funny how life happens, and how it turns out differently no matter how much you plan it… But I’m all for keeping my options open until I’m certain enough to know what my gut- feeling is, so let’s just see what happens! 😀


2 Responses to “Not so uncertain anymore..??”

  1. thepinkgoatbook Says:

    Stay here with us!!!

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Yup, I might just do that;p Would be nice not to have to leave La Familia for another few months!

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