Jeans vs dress- what to choose??

People tend to be quite indecisive- and so am I. It’s not always black or white, and it’s when you’re in the greyzone it can be hard to make a choice.. Specially when it comes to changing your life in a big way-  when you have to choose between staying where you are, or moving on. Think of it this way; you have to choose just one clothing item to wear for the next however- length- of- time. You have narrowed your choices down to two possibilities: the first is a pair of jeans that looks really good on you. You’ve had them for ages, and they’re really comfortable and at least for the duration you’ve had them, they haven’t gone ‘out of style’. The other option is a new dress that make you feel happy every time you wear it. It fits like a glove, and you look amazing in it. How do you choose?? You know you can be happy wearing both options, and the best thing would be if you could have both the pair of jeans and the dress (aka ‘have the cake and eat it too’), but the two are impossible to wear together, so you’ll have to choose..  I get that the analogy using clothing items aren’t the best way to describe the feeling of indecisiveness, but for me it kinda works:p This analogy can fit into most situations where you have trouble deciding what to do next, like for me where I’m trying to choose between staying in Oz with my friends for another semester (to take some well- needed courses to ‘spruce’ up my CV), vs going back for good to my darlings, work full- time, get an apartment etc.. In one way the ‘smart’ choice is to stay here, and in the other way it is to go home…- the only thing that is certain, is that I can’t be two places at once, so I have to make a decision.. :s I really haven’t been able to decide yet, and I know I have to do it soon.. For now I have an appointment with a student advisor this Tuesday, and no matter what happens I’ll go home for 2 months over summer and talk it through with my friends and family back home to see if I can make the choice.. The best thing is to get as much info as possible about every opportunity, so when I do make the choice, I’ll know it’s the right one.. The thing is that I’ve always made every choice based on my gut feeling, so I know I’ll do that this time as well- I just have to talk it through in order to discover what my gut- feeling actually is:) I guess it’s not always ‘just flowers’ growing up and having to make decisions etc… I almost miss being a kid, and every big decision was made by my parents- and I could choose to ‘trow a tantrum’ in response to their decisions and blame them for everything that went wrong, rather than having to be responsible for making my own smart decisions… Well, I guess it’s when you get older you get how parents are people too, and that like I’ve been told my whole life, ‘life can’t always be fun’… (-but it’s fun trying;p).                                                                                             Little me having a tantrum:p


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