I woke up this morning, the sunshine was shining- I put on my happy face:D

I woke up this morning, the sunshine was shining
I put on my happy face
I’m living, I’m able, I’m breathing, I’m grateful
To put on my happy face

-Today is a good day:) I opened my eyes, and the sun was right there on the blue sky shining like it’s never been raining a singla raindrop:) Then our dear Nikolai had a concert at the uniba- for 40 wonderful minutes, which only made my day even better:) He even song a couple of his own songs that I haven’t heard before- they where amazing! Believe me- this guy is going places:D After a beer in the unibar, I headed to spotlight to buy some more fabric for my creations. that place is like a candy store to me, and I always seem to buy waaaaaaay more than I’m supposed to..:) Now I bought fabric for me and ML’s 17.May dresses (mine red, and her navy blue like the Norwegian flag off course;p), fabric for ties for our 3 guys in nr.13, and also fabric for a couple of flowery skirts.. At least I’ll have enough things to keep me preoccupied for a while now! 😀 Now I’m trying to make the decision to either relax at home tonight, or head to the Q1 for a drink with a few friends… After all, tomorrow is girls night at Helene’s, and it looks like this weekend will be as busy as ever, so maybe a quiet night is the better choice? Hmm- decisions, decisions…;p That’s the thing here in Surfers- there always seems to be something happening, no matter what day of the week it is! It’s a good thing, ’cause you never have to be bored (unless you either choose to, or have uniwork to do)- but it also means that you have to watch your money very carefully.. :s Well-now it’s dinnertime, and taco is on the menue- yum!


2 Responses to “I woke up this morning, the sunshine was shining- I put on my happy face:D”

  1. Nikolai Says:

    Thanks sweety! 🙂 And when i am “going somewhere” im taking you with me! ^

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      hehe- that’s sweet:) Looking forward to the day I can design the outfit for your grammy nomination! 😀

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