‘Sun, sun, come on back, the sun is my best friend. -away with clouds and unberellas, end the raining now’

(‘Sol, sol kom igjen. Solen er min beste venn. -Bort med skyer, paraplyer, hold nå opp å regne….’ 😀

-It’s one of those days.. The rain is pouring down over the Surfers skyline, and everyone’s spending the day inside (except for the poor people who has to go to uni today..). The only thing I feel like doing on this wet day, is lazing on the couch all cozied up in a blanky with a good movie and someone to share it with.. Too bad all my friends are superstressed about all the work they need to catch up on after the busy weekend! I guess I’m on my own on this particular rainy day.. It’s weird how much the weather can influence how you feel? Most days I wake up feeling energised with the sun smiling down at me, and I only see possibilities to what I can do this wonderful day. But days like this, when the sun seems to have disappeared all together, the world seems like such a ‘sad’ place.. I’m optimistic and actually in quite a good mood, so I’m pretty sure the reason I’m feeling a bit ‘blue’ is due to the clouds that are covering the sun fully, and the amounts of water that keeps flooding from the skies. It’s days like this I remember how it is at home during fall (or spring, or winter -and sometimes even summer…:s). You get used to it though- at home the sunny days are further apart, and because of that, we never take it for granted. As soon as the little rays of sunlight pokes through the clouds, everyone’s outside going for a stroll, having picnics or a beer at a sidewalk cafe (mind you, it might still only be 10 degrees- but sun= summer to us Norwegians so we sit outside soaking up the summery atmosphere like crazy people and wind up waking up the next day with a terrible cold…;p). But that’s the beauty of it -we never learn and keep embracing summer too early year after year..:) Now when it’s raining in Paradise, I feel like somethings ‘off’.. It’s not supposed to rain here? Even though the days with rain are as far apart as the days without stuff falling from the sky i Norway (be it wet or cold), I tend to complain about it- which I realise is such a waste. Nope, I’ll now enjoy this gorgeous rainy day, and think off all the good things about rain- like all the happy farmers that now get water for their crops, or the students that can sit inside and write assignments with good conscience ’cause at least now they’re not wishing they could be outside in the sun.. 😀


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