Busy weekend- but ah, what a blast! :D

Another great weekend has passed in Paradise:) It started on Thursday with Monty’s shrimp- birthday dinner with la familia, and a relaxing Friday night followed. On Saturday night it was Hugo’s birthday and we partied it up in his fancy flat with brazilian drinks before we headed out. I was in a dancing mood, so even the beats of ‘trance’ couldn’t stop my dancing feet (-though I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and probably looked like a hyped up duracell- bunny bouncing around the dance floor…;p). On Sunday we got up bright& early for Summergames where I voulentared and spent most of the day carrying, cutting and giving away fruit (‘pineapple, banana’!) The Games was a great success, and we enjoyed ourselves in the (still) hot sun at the beach:) After the games where over, we were absolutely covered in sand and aching from all the fruit- carrying, we headed home to shower and change before the after party at Luna Loca’s. I was wearing a new skirt for the occasion and spent the night twirling around:) (-don’t have a single photo again though- sorry! -but I’m planning on having pictures taken of all my dresses at the beach soon so you’ll all get to see my creations,p). The night was a blast, and even though most of us very pretty exhausted from the day in the sun, we managed to stay out until the wee hours in the pink light at Loca’s:) Thank’s for a great night everyone! 😀


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