Behind the clouds, the sky is always blue..

I’m under the impression that ‘good things happens to good people’ and that ‘everything works out in the end for good girls’ etc. This is kinda  what I live by, so I never tend to get to fussed or caught up in the bad things that happens in my life, ’cause I know that soon enough, it will be over and back to being good (even though I off course have my sad moments as well..) I’ve been through quite a bit in my life, but no matter how bad it can seem at a certain point, it has always work out for the better in the end:) But then there’s those people who never seem to get it ‘right’- no matter how amazing they are, and the fact that they have everything going for them, they tend to get caught in situations where they get treated badly, and wind up hurt.. The thing is that no matter what you tell a person, and what advice you give, they have to see it for themselves, and that might take time.. It’s just hard to sit by and watch people you care about get hurt without being capable of protecting them from harm.. The only thing I can say, is that no matter what you’re going through, no matter how dark it may seem, behind the clouds, the sky is always blue- and things will start looking brighter again eventually:)


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