What a weekend!

Last Thursday it was my birthday, and other than spending most of the day making Monty’s shirt, I had a lovely dinner with my dear ‘family’ at Genesis that my girls made:) I was lucky enough to receive lots of wonderful presents, and had a great night:) -thank’s my darlings! 😀 On Friday I had to make my birthday dress (because like always, I started waay too late:s), and though it didn’t go quite after the schedule I had planned, I managed to finish it in time for the big celebration:) We started the night with a lovely dinner cooked by Fraggle, and headed to Swinging early for a fantastic night of mayhem:) Lots of people came dressed up in their most wonderful interpretation of 50ies fashion, and we partied the night away with bubbles, dance, plenty of laughter and lots of wonderful birthday hugs:) (- I even managed to get hurt by my earrings after each hug made them poke me behind the ears- but truly worth it! ;p). We headed to Fiddlers to continue the celebration, and winded up walking home in the early hours:) –I’ll post some pictures of the night asap:)

On Saturday me, Siri, Lovisa and Stein went with Chris to Brissy to see the ANZAC dawn-service at 4am (!!) (-a memorial service in honour of the soliders lost in war). After being here for this long, it was about time I took part in the ANZAC celebration (and what it actually is..:s Its similar to the Norweian national day 17.May- remembering the soldiers that have been lost in war, a parade in the city etc). We continued the celebration at a RSL club (veteran club) in Surfers, where we played ‘two- ups’ (an easy but loud coin game that’s only allowed this one day each year due to the simpleness of loosing money quickly:). It was a great weekend, and thank you so much everyone that participated both in me&Monty’s birthday at Swingin, and on ANZAC day:)


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