‘Pink fluff’ makes everything worth while:)

Everyone always have an opinion about ‘stuff’… Be it about how other people are acting, about the choices they make, or how their handling a certain situation. Don’t get me wrong- I’m all for giving advice and a fresh perspective on things if the person in question have asked for it (or really need it), but the people who bother me, are the people who always feel the need to ‘get into other peoples business’, or say their meaning about everything and everyone… They always seem to think that they would handle things better, and because of this feel they have the right to let everyone know how wrong they are… Didn’t your parents teach them that ‘if you don’t have any thing nice to say, rather say nothing at all??’ Sorry about this little ‘blow out’- I’ve just met a few of ‘these people’ lately.. Obviously most people are humble, kind and caring- even towards people they don’t know that well, and these are the people who you’ll eventually call your friends (if they’re not already:). I’m a people person, and I find it really interesting how people act differently, and what events in their lives have made them who they are today.. ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and all that- well, it’s true! I feel like the ‘bad’ things that happens in your life- the hard times, is what makes a person who they are- because that’s when you have to make hard choices. The ‘pink fluff’ (aka happy times) is what you live for, and what makes everything worth while, and is when you think about how truly grateful you are for everything good in your life:) I’m kinda experiencing a bit of both at the moment- hard times, but with plenty of ‘pink fluff’ in between (like all my amazing friends, happy memories, the sun is shining, I’m healthy etc). The important thing (in my opinion), is to focus on the good things in your life, and the hard stuff will eventually pass.. 🙂 So enjoy the little things in your life (because there’s always something to smile about:), and try to keep your critisism about how other people live to yourself if you can help it..;)


One Response to “‘Pink fluff’ makes everything worth while:)”

  1. australiamari Says:

    Word! I like people who mean what they say, not just say what they mean!

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