Friendships <3

Today I met my friend A that I haven’t seen in ages. It was really nice to catch up with her, and since we’re kinda going through ‘the same’ thing at the moment, we even managed to give each other some fresh perspective:) She’s now leaving to go back home, and so am I in a few weeks, so it’s the end of an era for both of us… I keep thinking of all the people I’ve met while I’ve been here in Oz.. Each semester some people have left and some people have arrived, so it’s never been the same. Some people you have coffee or lunch with from time to time and you consider them your friends, some people you have a great time with at parties but you don’t really have the time to hang out with them in the weekdays. Most of these people you tend to loose contact with after a while, once you’ve moved back home and enough time has passed, even though you try to keep touch with them via facebook… But then there’s the people you truly connect with and that will be your friends for life..  The sad thing is that once people have left, it will never be the same, cause even though we can meet again, it’s never going to be the same intense do-everything-together, see- each other-every-day kinda friendship.. Here in our little ‘town’ called Surfers, friendships (and relationships in general), tend to move at a lot faster pace than at home- just because you spend so much time together. Everyone lives more or less in walking distance to each other (or even a short elevator-ride away:), goes to the same uni and parties together in the week(ends). Yup- those close bonds are what I’m going to miss the most once I leave.. But your true friends, will stick with you to the end- even if you’re worlds apart:)


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