Esther (aka Monty)..

Monty has the funniest impression of an old lady called ‘Esther’. She’s a tough old crock, with strong opinions about everything, and she never backs out of an argument (you don’t want to get on the wrong side of this lady!). She’s quite annoyed by ‘today’s youth’, and usually complains about how people are acting these days, and is constantly reminiscing about her ‘golden years’ when she was young& hot. She seemed to quite the tease (tøs) back in the day, and has plenty of stories to tell about her adventures back in the day. The funny thing is, that when Esther comes out, Monty seems to be long gone. (where too, I wonder??), and Esther completely takes over- hilarious! This is a lady you’d want to meet;)

(the pic is how I picture Esther;)


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