Dare to be different!

Today I went to uni to listen to a couple of Nikolai’s friends play in the unibar. It’s so weird being back without ‘going to’ uni anymore?! It’s almost a bit sad in a way- after all I did spend quite a lot of time there over the last 3 years.. (even though it could have been more;). But when my friends are talking about all the things they need to do- assignments, midterms and group work, that’s when I’m stoked that my time there is over:) Being a restless person though, I do find it a tad hard to not have anything ‘important’ to do during my days.. I mean, there’s always something to do- be with friends (when they’re not at uni), clean, or make clothes- you can never have too many dresses, or what? For now I’m going to make a skirt for this weekend, a shirt and a dress for me& Monty’s 50ies b’day next weekend, and after that an outfit for 17.May, so there are ways to keep myself busy:) I’m also planning to look around for an internship at a local designer, so if that works out, I’ll be as busy as ever (I got to work for my future in the clothing business if I want to make it happen:D). It’s great to be passionate about something though- not everyone’s that lucky:) I want to make clothes that are different- items that stand out in the crowd and that people fall in love with, not just something they wear..:) I love people who are completely themselves- be it comfortable in their own personality, in their own skin, or showing who they are through the way they dress.. I see people every day that aren’t scared of dressing differently- and that impresses me! 🙂 Be it a crazy necklace, weird-looking stockings, tattoos or huge flowers and bows in their hair- I love it! Myself I go through different faces- usually with one colour as a main thing. Nowadays I’ve been into the 50ies and the colour red for a while, but I’ve gone through a lot of other weird faces as well… Be it my ‘Fame’ face when I was a dancer (panty hoses in every colour, legwarmers etc…nice:p), my blue- face where I only wore blue (?!) or my indian- face where I wore a sticker between my eyes at all times… hehe:p In the end, I have to say that being inspired by the 50ies is probably not the worst face I’ve had to date! Well, after all, I think it’s better to be perceived a bit weird than boring….  -Dare to be different:D

(-the picture is of me climbing a tree after a night out in my candy striped dress- quit random, but at least it’s not boring;)


One Response to “Dare to be different!”

  1. Juba Baluba Says:

    Trust me. Bli så lenge du kan i Australia. Søk på å få residency. Norge suger så jævelig etter du har vært i Australia i 3 år. Jeg kan ikke anbefale å reise tilbake, og når du gjør det kommer du til å savne, angre på at du dro og ønske deg tilbake maksimalt.

    Det eneste lure jeg kan anbefale deg er, SØK PÅ INTERNSHIPS, JOBBER osv i Australia, USA osv… Når du drar tilbake til Norge er eventyret slutt. Det kan jeg LOVE DEG.

    — gammel veteran

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