Happiness to me:D

  • Waking up to the bright sun & the blue sky
  • A big hug from a good friend
  • Trying on a new dress I’ve made and it fits perfectly!
  • A caring e-mail from someone I love
  • Looking forward to a big party
  • Seeing people I’ve missed for a long time
  • Hearing my favourite song on the radio/bar/someones iPod
  • Cuddling a cute dog
  • Fresh strawberries -specially in Norway- they’re just better somehow:D
  • Realising that something I worried about worked out for the better
  • Knowing that I’ve helped someone
  • Making a decision that feels right
  • Staying up late on light summer nights
  • Accomplishing something I thought I’d never manage (like my degree)
  • The time leading up to Christmas ( I LOVE that time of year!)
  • Receiving a present that the person spent a lot of thought/time on
  • Watching a beautiful sunset/sunrise with people I love
  • A cold Pure Blond (or any other kind of good beer) on a hot day
  • The feeling after a great workout (even though it’s been a while)
  • Go for a swim and feel your worries wash away
  • Giving or receiving a massage:)
  • Warming myself on a cup of something hot (coffee, tea, ‘Tia in tea’)
  • A drawing from my sweet cousins (or my friends- what do you say Monty? ;p)
  • Getting a smile back from a stranger
  • Travelling to a new place
  • Going for a walk on the beach and feel thankful for being able to be here
  • Giving someone a gift and see the happiness in their eyes:D
  • Listening to beautiful music (specially Nikolai’s songs:)
  • The feeling of being part of something bigger than myself
  • Dancing the night away to a D.J. that has the same taste in music as me
  • The feeling of a new crush
  • Managing to do something I never thought I’d do
  • Getting an unexpected compliment on a day I feel like crap
  • Giving a compliment to someone who really needs it and see them light up:)
  • The feeling of waking up on my birthday- 24 hours of celebration:D
  • Knowing that someone else feels the same
  • Visiting someone who truly appreciates it
  • Doing something I don’t like because I care about the person
  • Flowers (specially in spring after a long winter)
  • Sand between my toes (not necessarily everywhere else;p)
  • Eating chocolate without the guilt..
  • Wearing a new pair of shoes (that are comfortable)
  • Knowing something nice that no one else knows
  • Making a surprise for someone special that I think they’ll love
  • Comments on my blog!

What is happiness to you? 😀


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