Epic trip to paradise:)

A while back La familia started to plan a trip to Fraser, but due to our financial troubles, we decided to go to gorgeous Moreton Island 30 min north of Brissy instead. We managed to convince 23 of our friends that this was going to be ‘the’ trip, so our happy group of 31 (!!) people finally arrived this paradise island on Thursday morning. We brought tents, insect repellent, 65 sandwiches (that were going to be our breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 3 days, but the bugs beat us to it), liters of goon, and set up camp near the Tangalooma wrecks. We spent the first day sun tanning, building sandcastles (among other things;), drinking, swimming, and just enjoying ourselves in the strong sun:) The sun went down early, and even though most of us very quite sunburned (Stein and Siri F in particular:p), we continued the night into the early morning drinking some more goon, listening to our amazing troubadour and trying to avoid getting too many mosquito bites- an amazing first day! Friday morning we woke up bright and early, and headed for the resort on the other side of the island (due to lack of nutrition because of the hungry ants that ate all our well- prepared sandwiches:). We loved the place so much that we decied to spend most of our day there, having a proper lunch, a nice (cold) beer, and we even went kajacking! It was so much fun to see the ship wrecks up close from the kajacks, but omg was the paddling exhausting! (weirdly I’m not stiff at all- and I never use my arms for anything that resembles exercise…:s (note to self: start using my arms? ;p). We only went back to the camp to shower and change, and went back to the resort for a dinner and drinks at night since it was Jarls birthday and all:) The sun went down again, and we headed back to camp in the pitch black night- looking at the beautiful stars above us while we were holding our sparklers (a necessity on any birthday:). We relaxed, drank and sang in the beach, and went to bed tired, tipsy (:p), and full of sand:) The last day everyone left except for La familia, and we spent the day relaxing at the resort again:) It was an amazing trip thank’s to everyone that came along! Now people are starting to get seriously stressed about uniwork, so I’ll be looking for a job first thing in the morning in order to get something to da as well as earning some well- needed money:) Thank’s for a great trip everyone!! 😀

(pic from totaltravel.com)


2 Responses to “Epic trip to paradise:)”

  1. Tobbe Says:

    You forgot to mention the fact that you acted as extreme sports photographer for the islands sand surfing challenge 😉

    Who won the race btw?

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