A great weekend:D

Mad hatter party, relaxing and birthday celebration in the sun… What an amazing weekend?! I’m extremely happy that I’m not leaving the day after tomorrow… That would have just been wrong! Imagine all the things I would have missed out on? Now I’m going to Moreton Bay with the ‘family’, and enjoying the next 2 months here in Oz with my sweeties before I head back home:) I made a shirt for S’ b’day this weekend, which (luckily) fitted perfectly, so I think I’ll try to make a few more for the boys (first of all a black one for the amazing Monty Cash:p)… Maybe I found my new thing? I’ll definitely continue to make dresses as well though- for my darling girls:) I’ll post some pics from this weekend asap (for some reason I’ve had trouble adding pics to my blog lately, so rather wait so I can put up a few to document this amazing weekend!).

Ps.. A thing I’ve been thinking about is how people ‘change’ when real stuff happens in your life… It’s when times gets tough you realise who your true friends are, and some people will disappoint you while you can discover support from unlikely places… I just want to mention how unbelievable thankful I am to all you people who have stuck by me lately- you make my life worth living:) (you know who you are:). I feel better now, and will make sure to return the favour whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, a person to giggle with or a meal in your tummy’s:) I love you all!! ❤


One Response to “A great weekend:D”

  1. May Linn Olsen Says:

    Love you too sweetie :=) AND you are allready giving us good meals and many laughs :p Stick on glue!!

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