The Genesis family:)

About a month ago our little ‘family’ was created. We’re made up by a bunch of weirdos, but we’re having heaps of fun together, as well as taking good care of each other:) The Genesis family is made up by several different personalities, each with their different positions in the group, and consists of: May Linn, Barbro, Issie (and me) in 18 (-the girls were amazing enough to take me in when I needed it most- like a stray puppy that’s been luck enough to get adopted by the most wonderful family in the world:), Nikolay, Stein and Matta in 13, and Fraggle and Monty that lives across the road (but as the rest of us they’re always here so they’ve become important part of the family:). I already wrote about Matte (alias Matta- G), but here’s some words about the rest of our dysfunctional family:

The family troubadour: Nikolay is the musician in the family and supplies the ‘background music’ to our lives. He always have the perfect music for any occasion, may it be a lazy afternoon, or after party at the beach;) He has a great voice, as well as playing amazing guitar. He even makes his own music, and we all know he’ll make it in the big business, cause he’s an amazing musician, as well as being the person who gives the best bearhugs in the world:)

Stein is probably the nicest guy in the world. He was my first Norwegian friend in Oz, and one of the people I’ve known the longest down under. He’s great at taking photos, and even though he (like me) doesn’t really know where his path is headed, I know he’ll be successful at whatever he decides to do:) At times he too can get a bit crazy, and like last weekend decided to try on my heels and prants around as great entertainment for the rest of us;p

Barbro is completely my opposite in most ways, like studying bugs (ewwww:p), but she’s an amazing girl and we have had lots of great times together:) She’s everything I’m not- a great student, structured and organized- and I admire that som much! She knows a lot about a lot, and she has the most contagious laughter in the world- when Barbro laughs, you just can’t help joining in:D

Fraggle: His real name is Marius (like many other Norwegians), but after misunderstanding his nickname, I started to call him Fraggle- the one and only! 😀 He’s probably the weirdest guy I’ve ever met, but I love him for it:) If anyone can make me laugh even if I’m feeling blue, it’s him! He loves his hat and his ‘flannel’, and even though I pretend to be sceptic to these items, I keep ‘stealing’ them, so he most be doing something right;)

May Linn- my girl! She’s the type of girl, that has mastered the art of multitasking to the max… She manages to get top grades, work, be a great friend as well as always managing to look gorgeous (-even after sleeping on the beach;p). She’s my idol, and I hope I’ll manage to be as good as her (at everything) eventually! Stick on glue sweets:)

Issie: She’ s been here for a while, but for some reason we didn’t get to know each other before recently (-when they took me in:). She’s such a sweet girl, and I’m so happy that I get to know her before I go back home! She also has the most amazing hair in the world- and I just can’t help feeling a bit envious:)

Monty/Monteknappen: When he sings Johnny Cash, I’m his biggest fan! He’s as weird as Fraggle, and when he does his impression of Esther or Indian, we all fall off our chairs laughing:) He’s a great guy that I’m so glad I got to meet, and he has good spanish skills! 🙂

Sina/Sinagogen: and there’s me:) Well, I’ve always been a little weirdo, so I feel at home in this family:) Even though I’ve been through a bit lately, I’m having a blast with these people, and they make sure that I’m ok:) Love you guys! 😀


2 Responses to “The Genesis family:)”

  1. K-Dawg Says:

    This is my family! And I`m proud of it!

  2. May Linn Says:

    What an amazing family!!! I love you all 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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