Matta- G

You know when you’ve had a tad too much to drink, you seem to get more liberated, confident and even happier for a while? When I’ve had a couple of beers I feel like I’m still me, but I’m very certain that I’m always right, and (if possible), I tend to talk even more than I normally do.. But it’s all very inecent:) Plenty of times I’ve been trying to ‘solve world problems’ with a friend or two over a few glasses of wine during a late evening, but when the morning comes, we realise that we’re no closer to finding an answer, and the night was pretty much a waste except for good memories off course:D A few weeks ago I met a person that is extremely different from anyone I’ve ever met- he’s a friend of S from home, and came down to the coast to have fun (and hopefully get through his degree without too much hassle;p). You might have heard of him- it’s the newly famous Matta- G. By day he’ s a quiet and sweet guy, but by night M get’s his alias into all kinds of troubles… He usually dissapear from his friends some time during the night, and winds up meeting a bunch of new people and have all kinds of crazy stories to tell the next day- It might sound weird, but he’s amazingly funny, and his stories from his wild nights always cracks us up:) He even has a fanpage on facebook now, so you’re welcome to join his entourage if you think he’s as hilarious as we do:) Keep it up Matta- G!


One Response to “Matta- G”

  1. K-Dawg Says:

    Matta slalåm ski jo!

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