A bit ‘off’

I’m confused…. So much has happened the last few weeks, and I feel like my ‘mind, body & soul’ aren’t completely ‘connected’- like the different parts of me are separate from each other in a way… Make sense?? My mind keeps telling me what the sensible thing is to do- like going back home now, get a job, a life etc, my body is drained from bad judgement relating to my eating, drinking and sleeping habits, while ‘me’ is just chaos… I don’t want to go yet, I want to stay here in my little bubble until I’m ready to move on… So how do I choose? I guess it’s not just up to me anyways.. Cause no matter how much I want to stay a bit longer, I won’t be able to without money, and right now I’m more broke than ever:s But everything will be alright in the end-  it always is (yup- I’m  still an optimist!). Luckily I have people around me that are truly  supportive no matter what I do, which helps a lot:) I just don’t want to go home before I feel ready- regretting that I didn’t stay longer.. But I am looking forward to going back eventually- don’t think otherwise! I miss everyone back home, I just know that everyone is quite busy these days, and here we all live so close and spend so much time together so I’m hardly ever alone… Come to think of it, right now is probably the first time in weeks that I’ve been by myself for more than a minute… Hmm- now that I realised that I’m alone, I’m all of a sudden very aware of how quiet it is…:s I know I’m a weirdo, but what can I do? Guess it’s time to go and do something social again;p

Some of my wonderful friends:)


One Response to “A bit ‘off’”

  1. May LInn Says:

    Vennen min :p saa soet du er 🙂 Jeg kommer hjem igjen snart, hehe 🙂

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