Where to next?

I believe in a lot of different things- like karma and the secret (though I think its quite stupid to call something so obvious ‘secret’- smile to the world and it smiles back- off course! ;p). Be nice to the people around you, keep your ‘path’ clean, and live every day to its fullest… No matter what you believe in, this can’t be anything but a good way to live, right? My point is that even though I’m not consciously thinking in this way every day, I feel like it’s a part of me- it’s reflected in how I cope with things etc. I believe that you should go for what you want, and not let anyone push you down, but at the same time, I think that if something proves to be too much of  a struggle, it’s usually because it’s not right… Like a job, an education, a friendship or a relationship. It’s not like I believe that everything in life should be easypeasy, but that when something is right, it’s usually smooth sailing… Do you get me? I live by my stomach feeling (or heart), and so far, I’ve never made a choice that doesn’t feel right- so why stop now? I rather regret the things I’ve done than possibly regret never doing them, and even though I’ve put myself in a lot of  ‘weird’ situations, I can honestly say I don’t regret a single choice… Great, hu? 🙂 Now that I’m suddenly free to do whatever I want, I have to say I’m a bit confused about what, when and where to go next from here, but I’m determined to base my choices on what feels right, because then I can’t go wrong:) What will happen in my life next? Just wait and see…;) 


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