Just 1…

Since I finished my degree a few weeks ago, I have been on ‘vacation’ here in Surfers. Well, I feel like I am anyways, because I spend my days hanging out with my lovely friends, sleeping in, having coffee, sun tanning, going out and bubbling in the hot tub:) I do spend time looking for jobs as well, and I know that soon enough I’ll be working my little butt of back home, so I feel like I deserve some time off after 3 busy years at uni:) I love feeling so free.. Being able to do whatever, whenever! But I might have a bit of a bad influence on my student- friends that should rather sit at home reading all night than spend time with me- but I greatly appreciate the company:D We’ve had plenty of ‘random nights’ the last few weeks- that usually starts out with just having ‘1 beer’, and then time flies, and we wind up seeing the sunrise before we lay our heads on the pillow… I feel like I do have a good excuse to act a bit ‘careless’ now though.. After all, I’m going through something quite big atm… As long as it’s not forever, I think it should be alright to have a few unhealthy weeks… And I’m making wonderful memories with amazing people along the way…;)


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