I’m not very good at being ‘alone’- I get so lonely! ;p I totally understand peoples needs for some ‘alone time’, but I can honestly say I have 0 need for it myself…. I love having people around me, and people to share things with  food, a cuddle, a cup of (tia) tea,  or just random thoughts:) Because my wonderful friends also happens to be good students, there is a few hours every day where they all happen to be busy at the same time- what to do?! When your life is turned upside down, there’s a lot of different things that needs to be re-evaluated and thought through, but for now I just try to function.. I keep myself busy looking  for jobs at home and keeping in touch with my sweets, but I need to have some noise around me in order to function, so I’ve been watching ‘The Lifestyle channel’…:s Programs like ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’, ‘How to look good naked’ and ‘What not to wear’ are being shown back- to- back all day& night, so even though I try to spend time with my friends and make the most of my time left in Oz, I happen to watch a bit of Lifestyle every day… :p When your life is a bit of a mess, it helps to focus on other peoples problems,  may it be fashion disasters or extreme eating… Cheesy, I know, but it keeps me busy the little time I have by myself:)


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