Zumba injury?

Have you heard about Zumba?  It’s a mix of different dance- styles from around the world (mainly latino)- put together to fun music in order to make you burn as may calories as humanly possible in a training session. I’ve done it for a few months, but due to different reasons like summer-school (aka excuses), I haven’t exercised in a while, so I thought I’d push myself extra hard a couple of days ago… I bounced around the livingroom like a crazy person, shaking my stuff to the latino- beat, and was very pleased with myself when I jumped in the shower after about an hour of crazy dancing:) Everybody has different bodies, and my most muscly part is probably my legs (due to 16 years of ballet etc)- so why are my legs the only thing that’s hurting?? I don’t mind being a bit soar the day after training- it just means that you’ve done a good job, but OMG- my calves are killing me!! It probably didn’t help that I went out the same night and continued to dance into the wee hours of the night (thank’s for teaching me Hugo!). Now- 2 days later it still feels like my calf muscles have shrinked to half their original size, and every time I stand up (or try to walk), I shriek with pain… :s So I won’t be doing any Zumba  today either… ;p


One Response to “Zumba injury?”

  1. ellefitness Says:

    Try stretching hourly…. make sure you have been moving around a bit to warm up before hand
    Good luck

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