National pride and the Olympic games..

I’ve never been interested in sports- any sports. The only thing I’ve ever enjoyed watching is Figure Skating, but even though its classified as a sport, the reason I love it is because of the cute costumes, and the fact that they’re dancing on ice:) But since I’ve been living abroad for over 3 years however, my national pride for Norway has reached unexpected limits, and because we don’t have any contestants in figure skating, I’m now ‘forced’ to watch ski shooting, alpine etc… Or at least I’ve tried- here in Australia they’re better at summer games and rugby, so they have a very small Olympic team (despite the fact that it’s a big country), and they only focus on their own performances… They did win 1 sliver yesterday, but instead of being satisfied with this medal, they talked about it for hours on national TV (tried to break down the scores by freezing the picture and getting to the bottom of why they didn’t win gold….. Annoying!). I just want to watch Norway compete! I tried the Norwegian National channel, but they have restrictions outside Norway during the olympics, so I guess I’m bound to just check our medal count every morning.. So far we have 2 silver and 1 bronse, and are currently nr 6. I would love if we got more medals than anyone else:D  We have won the most medals in the winter OL trough time, so it should be possible, right? I’ll keep you posted;)

De olympiske ringer 2010 Vancouver   Gull     Sølv   Bronse   Total  
Norge Norge 0 2 1 3

Go Norway/ Heia Norge!!


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