“All alone” @ uni…

The reason I haven’t been writing about my ‘unbelievable exiting’ life in a couple of weeks (;p), is because I’ve been busy with my summer course @ uni.. For 2 weeks I had classes for 5 hours every day- most of which I spent drawing nude models.. I have to admit that the first day when the 2 models dropped their clothes, I was a bit ‘bothered’- I mean, I’m not a prude or anything, but I just didn’t expect them to be  that naked?!  The drawing went well, and I learned heaps, (even though I did blush a little every time I had to draw the models private parts:p)..  All in all it was a really good course, and I’m now even closer to finishing my degree:D  I only have 1 more assignment to go (in Textile- due 22.Feb), than I’m done forever!!!! The sun is shining, and i find it really hard to focus on my assignment after these 2 weeks @ uni, but I’m so close, and I’ll try to be structured for the next week so I’ll be done in time:) Then it’s time to celebrate withe my girls on our roadtrip up the coast! 😀


Uni during summer vacation..(totally empty except for me and the creepy spiders in the trees:s)

A couple of my early drawings ( I got better!)


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