Making little weird things:p

My textile summer course has made me a lot more busy than I thought I would be, but finally tomorrow is the second (and next to last) submission! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to make ‘Mola’s’ (several layers of fabric- cutting a pattern through the different layers to expose different colours etc). Not the most fun thing to spend time om when the sun is shining outside! B ut luckily this is the last day being stuck inside for a while:) My other summer course ‘Intro to drawing’  is super short (one week at uni 5 hours a day, then one assignment)- starting 1.Feb:) After that I only have my last textile assignment, then it’s road trip time with ML up the coast!! Then it’s time to move to Norway:D I actually bought the ticket yesterday-arriving Sunday 14.March 9.25 am (B arrives 4 weeks after me)!! Soooo looking forward to being back home- and seeing all my darlings again:) This week I’ll polish my CV and start sending it out- so hopeful I’ll get some job interviews asap when I’m home! If any of you know about something within Marketing/fashion/  ad agencies etc- let me know! I would love to work with marketing at H&M’s main office in Oslo or something like that… As long as it’s something a bit creative (and a job I wouldn’t get without this bachelor degree), I’m happy do pretty much anything:D Soo looking forward to working fulltime! After years as a student, it will be a welcomed change:) Well, I better finish my assignment! Have a great Sunday everyone!


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