In 2010….

I will….

  • Move back to Norway with the love of my life
  • Get a job I will love waking up to every morning
  • Spend long nights catching up the last 3 years with my friends
  • Be there for ever birthday, heartache, holiday and everyday- lives of my family and friends
  • Build a home and a life with my ❤ in Norway
  • Start my own online clothing store..!
  • Keep in touch with all the amazing friends I’ve made in Oz
  • Travel to my favourite city in the world (Rome) for the 4th time and eat a chocolate gelato by the Trevi fountain
  • Go for long walks and enjoy the seasons changing
  • Celebrate the Norwegian national day (17th May) more than ever
  • Eat fresh strawberries at the beach in Tbg while soaking up the few rays of sun shine
  • Leave my watch at home, and loose myself in the long Scandinavian summer nights
  • Sit by the fireplace inside with a cup of hot chocolate while the leaves are blowing in the wind outside
  • Enjoy every minute of the Christmas celebration at home starting in November:)
  • Visit my family often and never take them for granted
  • Start planning a family..
  • Be thankful for all the wonderful people I have in my life, and make sure they always know that:)

What will you do this year?


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