Our Christmas:)

We had a great xmas eve, even if it was extremely hot and humid:) We started the day by walking into Surfers with santa hats on, to give Karen a well deserved xmas stocking since she had to work:) After that, we ate fresh baked goods for breakfast then opened up the gifts from under the tree:) I got Nintendo DS with 2 Super Mario games from my darling (he even bought a pink casing for it!)- I now it might be a bit childish, but I absolutely love Mario, and intend to enjoy playing well into my 90ies when I’m old and grey:p Helena was nice enough to bring me gifts from H&M (she works at the main office in Sweden), so I got a Jimmy Choo bracelet, Sonia Rykiel panties (different designers have collaborated with H&M), and a cute purple top- thank’s guys!! 😀 My friends in Norway sent me a package in the beginning of December, so even though most of the candy was goon before xmas (:p), I saved the cards they sent and read them on xmas eve- I got all misty- eyed and touched… I miss you guys!! After the presents, it was time to start the food preparation, and now I finally understand all the work my mum puts in to the xmas dinner each year… To prepare, cook and make the turkey and stuffing took the whole day! Luckily I had delegated the sides to my friends, so they brought potatoes, meatballs, ham etc:) It turned out great!  When we took the turkey out of the oven, it seemed perfectly cooked- the only problem was that it seemed like it didn’t have any meat on it when we were going to cut it, but then we discovered that we had cooked it upside- down…:s hehe- beginners mistake! :p But we managed to fix the turkey, and it tasted great:) It was truly a great night, with good food and drinks, a fun xmas quiz and secret santa:) I called my mum, sister and brothers after the guests had left, to wish them a merry christmas, and me and Celine decided that we’re going to make up for me missing out on this years xmas at home, by celebrating even more next year:) After cleaning up (with help from my darling), I went to bed full and happy:)

Here are some pictures from our xmas:)

The presents:D                                                                                                            B got a mini pool table

Helena got a ring                                                                                          I got ‘Lips’ (singstar for xbox 360)

B helped me rub the turey with a butter mixture..  I wrapped in in oranges and bacon    I

We made time to eat rice- porrige from Sweden:)

Helena was a great help in the kitchen!                         

We had xmas quiz (3 teams a 4 people)                                             Everybody received a gift from secret Santa:)

A great Christmas eve everyone! ❤

The next day it was Christmas day (that’s the day they celebrate here), and we spent the day at B’s family’s place, BBQing and relaxing:)

Beautiful decorated table                                                                                 Their xmas tree

They have a beautiful garden with palme trees!                        Relaxing outside- such a hot day!

Then we relaxed on the couch:) A great xmas in Oz!


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