Passion pop on the balcony

I met my first friend at uni during a meet& greet arranged for international students in orientation week my first semester. The whole thing was quite corny, but I got a good friend out of it:) Her name was Helena, and she was from Sweden. I had been here for months, with friends from all over the world, but since all my Scandinavian friends had left to go travelling, I was very pleased to meet someone I could speak my language with:) We spent the next few months doing lots of fun stuff,  and shares countless nights on our balcony talking for hours over bottles of passion pop.. After the first semester she decided to go back home, but we’ve managed to keep in touch and even visit each other during holidays:) A few months she told me she was coming to visit me in Oz before I leave, and since that’s just a few months away, she decided to come over the Christmas holidays. She got here a couple of days ago, so now were baking, shopping and planning for Christmas, and I’m looking forward to 3 weeks with conversations and passion pop on the balcony once again:)


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