Just a little bit homesick..

I love December in Norway… It’s dark almost 24/7- which is sad most of the time, but when its Christmas, there are lights everywhere; in the streets, on the trees, in the windows… I like that it’s dark in December..  Another thing I love about December in Norway is that it’s cold. You slide along the streets in your high-heeled boots (that are way too cold), and you hold the coat tight around you as you’re running around town to get the Christmas shopping done. Every time you step inside a store, you get rosy cheeks, and have to open your coat, and scarf  in order to not burn up… There are people singing on street corners, Christmas decorations everywhere, any even though people are stressed, they all seem so happy.. You spend as much time as you can inside- at friends houses, or at your favourite cafe drinking hot drinks.  Friends and family comes home after travelling or studying out-of-town or overseas, and everybody is together once again:) Everybody’s keeping secrets, and spend late nights wrapping presents so everybody will be surprised on Christmas Eve. Several times during December you bake Christmas cookies, because no matter how many you make, the seem to disappear into thin air (so yummy!). You spend hours making a gingerbread house, and decorating it carefully, and even though it looks like something a 4-year-old could do better, you still do it every year- just because it’s tradition:) You shed a tear listening to beautiful Christmas music or watching a touching Christmas movie with a happy ending. You allow yourself to eat pretty much whatever you want (because who can resist when there’s all kinds of Christmas cakes, candy and food everywhere??). When Christmas Eve finally comes, there’s always things you just didn’t have time to do, but still, it’s turns out to be the very best day of the year<3 You sneak into the livingroom when it’s still dark outside, and the only light is from the Christmas tree. Everone except you and your sister are sleeping, and you watch Christmas TV  all huddled up on the couch with your blankets eating candy from your Christmas stocking. The morning turns into day, and everybody eats rice porridge together while friends and family drops by with gifts and holiday greetings. Suddenly, it’s night, and everybody puts on their best clothes and sit’s down for a huge dinner. You eat as much as you never thought possible, and feel the butterflies in your stomach because it’s almost time for your family to open the Christmas gifts you spent so long planning. When the gorgeous food is eaten, you have given away all your carefully planned presents and even had dessert, the whole family are all sitting around the living room (in PJ’s after changing out of the suits, pantyhoses and dresses because they got to uncomfortable after the full meal) and staring at the Christmas tree, talking about that this was the best Christmas ever with your family…<3 I do have big plans for Christmas down here, and even though I’m sure it will be a great celebration, I wish I was home with my nearest & dearest…

Here are some pictures of the people I would spend my December and Christmas with if we were in Norway:

I miss you! ❤


Me & Caroline at a ST. Lucia party at her family’s place in – 07                  Me & Marie at me&B’s wedding party Jan- 09


My little sister Celine & me baking last Christmas:)                                  My dear dad after I forced him to wear a santa hat:)


Mum & me Christmas shopping last year:)                                                My handsome brother Thomas:)


Siri & me at a Christmas party at Alida’s last year:)                       My brother Daniel & me out partying Christmas day:)


Me & Caro b at a Santa party – 07:p                                          My darling dog Buffy- cutie!


Linda & me New Year’s Eve last year:)                                                                   Alida & me at me& B’s wedding party Jan- 09:)

I miss you sooooo much, but soon we will be bac in Norway, and from then on, I will be with you every Christmas:) ❤


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