Xmas table (aka Julebord;p)

Last Friday we had a ‘xmas table’ (xmas party) at our place. I spent the day cleaning the house, and trying to put the gingerbread house the girls sent me back together (it didn’t work- but stars for trying, right?). Karen, Julie, Jens, Jimmy, Gustav, Anders, Andre, Richie, Solveig, B and me dressed up in our finest clothes, and everybody made a dish each for the buffet. We had lots of  goodies: Norwegian potato salad, Swedish meatballs, salad, scrambled eggs, salmon, roast beef, ham, breadrolls, gingerbread cookies, chocolate, chips and dip- yum! We enjoyed food and drinks while listening to xmas music and partying it up like you’re should on a xmas table;) Thank’s for a great night, guys:D


  The buffet:)                                                                                                                            Me:)                                                 


Andre had practised his pose for the occasion;p                                       It started to rain, so we huddled up- cosy:)


Julie and me all smiles:)                                                                   B and Jimmy chatting


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