Trying to get the feelin’!

It’s not easy to get in the xmas spirit when it’s 35 degrees and humid outside… So today when I was waiting for Sanne at the bus stop in Surfers (going to the movies), I put on ‘Jingelbell rock’ on my ipod… Instead of getting in the xmas mood, it felt like a joke… Sigh- this is going to be harder than I thought! When I got home, I remembered that I bought clementines the other day- so I started to peel one- and for the duration of the peeling (until it was all gone), it did feel like xmas a little;D The smell just reminds me of xmas, because around xmas is the only time they’re in season in Nowray (not that they’re grown in the cold north- I actually don’t now where we get them from??) My dad normally buys a big 5 kg box of them, and can’t stop eating:p At least clementines are the healthiest xmas ‘candy” there is:)



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