Summer assignments:s

As you may know, I am currently 2 courses away from finishing my bachelor degree. Because of this, I’m doing 1 online textile course that just started now, and I’ll be doing 1 intensive drawing course the 2 first weeks of February- then I’l be done!! The textile course is easy enough (it’s a first year arts elective), but the problem is that I’m in vacation mode:s The first assignment (which is due 14th December- only 6 days:s) consists of 3 exercises:

  1. a A4 sheet divided into 49 grids with a sample of material in each one, and another sheet with written associations to each one (?!),
  2. 200 words about 2 chosen artists selected from a list (and documented research so no sneaky stuff!),
  3. 3D free-standing form made using 2 of the methods my 2 selected artists are using in their work.

But when it’s 35 degrees outside and sunny, and I just finished my exams a couple of weeks ago, it’s not exactly fun to have to do assignments- even if they are creative.. My friend Helena is coming from Sweden to visit me in just 11 days, and I really want be done with not only this assignment, but the one that’s due 11th January as well before then so I can go to the beach and have a real vacation when she’s here:) So I have to be a good girl now, and hurry up with these little weird exercises:s

Rachel Whiteread is the artist that made this cute mini furniture- chess:) (picture borrowed from ). Maybe I can make something similar for my assignment? I wish I had more time! I’ll probably end up making a xmas ornament of beads or something….


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