My weekend:)

This weekend was super relaxing:) On Thursday, (I now that’s not really the weekend, but when you have vacation, I think it can be counted as the weekend:), me, Julie, Karen and Nikolay had dinner at our place. I made chicken salad, roasted potatoes and baked white bread- yum! After dinner, we sat on my ‘balcony’ talking and drinking Lemoncella for hours (quite gross drink btw- but anyways):p Friday I met Sanne for lunch, and spent the night at home with B- I made home-made pizza (and cheesy- bread for him), and we watched ‘Fringe’- we absolutely love this series! We don’t exactly have similar taste in TV and movies, so when we do find something we both like, it’s great:) The only thing we watch together nowadays is Fringe, Life and Heroes- everything else is a compromise. I love chick flicks and he loves horror movies…:s But he’s really nice and lets me decide most of the time:D (- I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks if I ever watched some of the scary movies he likes!). On Saturday B made me bacon& egg breakfast, and we just spent the day together relaxing- super lazy! At night I went to Karen’s place with Julia and Julie, and we sat on her nice balcony in her nice flat and drank wine and drinks before we went out in Surfers. There we met up with B, Ben and Bim (BBB- hihi) after a while, and we spent the rest of the night at Billy’s:D The guys there are really nice, and gave us some free drinks- I even had to compensate by drinking massive amounts of water in order to feel oki again:s

Sunday was as lazy as the rest of the weekend, and I just spent it talking, relaxing and being with my ❤ 🙂 That was my very interesting weekend for you! ;p Now it’s Monday, and I reeeeeeeally need to start my first Textile- assignment (it’s due in 1 week..). It shouldn’t be hard, but it’s just a bit weird having to think in an ‘artsy’ way after 3 years of marketing at uni! I’ll be fine- I just have to get started:D


Julie& Julia                                                                                                                Karen & me;p

Karen & me


B& me<3


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