A day in the wild:p

Last weekend me & B  went t ‘Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’ with his family. It’s kind of a mix between a zoo and park, and you’re allowed to interact with some of the animals. I not much of a ‘go-for-hikes-in-the- mountain, go-camping-in-the-forest’ kind of gal, so this is probably as close as I’ll ever get to nature:p I prefer the ocean, because there’s no creepy crawly’s there! I saw A LOT of spiders at Currumbin, and not the ones inside cages, but huge, Australian spiders hanging from trees… scary! But the Sea Turtles, little Wallabies, cuddly Koala’s and the Kangaroos (specially the Tree Kangaroos) were super cute:D It was a great day (even though I got pooped on by a bird :s)! Me & B’s mum even held a baby croc and B dared to have a snake on his shoulders- a very exiting day:)

B & me on the little train in the park:)

Holding a baby croc!!                                                                              B is as tough a s it gets holding a slimy snake!

I wouldn’t mind having a little cutie like this as a pet:D   B wrestling a huge snake:p

Little tree Kangaroo (if you look closely you can see a little baby inside theire house!) Cuties:D


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