Xmas in a box!

Today me& Julie went to Wolleys to buy ingredients for my xmas cookies:) I went to the post office on the way home, where a big box was waiting for me!! How exiting:D It was from my dear friends Linda, Siri, Alida, Caro b and Marie. I could hardly wait until we got home, and I tore it open as soon as I got in the door. Inside there were all kinds of yummy xmas stuff- 2 calendars, 2 boxes of gingerbread cookies, gingerbread house (!!), Norwegian doughnuts (totally different from other doughnuts:p), chocolates, magazines, cards and heaps of other lollies. I’m soooo happy!! 😀 So now, after me& Julie have made a double batch of cookies, and started to nibble on the Norwegian candy (I’ll try ny best to save some for xmas, and also be a good girl and share with my friends next weekend for our xmas party, and on xmas eve:), I’m feeing slightly nauseous.. :s Typical me- hehe:p Thank’s soooo much guys! I don’t think you really understand how amazing it is for a Norwegian to receive this amount of candy that I’ve missed so much when you’re so far away from home- specially now that its xmas soon! I love you my darlings:D Every year I make xmas cookies with my little sister Celine, and even though I missed her heaps today, Julie was a good replacement:) As I left the recipe in Norway, so I googled my way to a recipe that looked similar, and the cookies turned out quite amazing (almost too good, as I’ve stuffed myself silly:s). While the cookies was baking  in the oven, we watched a xmas movie a bought a couple of weeks ago. I was planning on saving it for xmas, but I can always watch it again;)


The amazing xmas box:)                                             After I opened it- soo much yumminess! 😀


The cards the girls wrote- looking forward to reading       The cookie- dough (might look gross, but oh, so yummy!!)

them on xmas eve!! 😀



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