X-mas presents:D

I love all the excitement before xmas… All the little secrets- planning what to give my family and friends, imagine how their faces will light up when they open the presents, and hoping that they will like what’s inside… This year, me & B have made each other advent- calendars (we get a little present each day- some with candy, some with things). It was harder than I thought to buy things for him (as he’s a guy, and wouldn’t be too impressed by make- up, cute things for the xmas tree or earrings…), but today I finally managed to ge the last few:D Now all the presents are laying under our xmas tree, waiting to be opened! It’s funny though, how a present looks all shiny, pretty and exiting when it’s in its wrapping, but then it’s like socks inside (very practical, but maybe not as exiting as it was when it was wrapped up and it could be anything):p Hehe- that’s half the joy though- to imagine what’s inside! I went to Harbour Town with Julie today to do the last of the xmas shopping, and even though I have a few ones left, I managed to get most of them:) Santa was there (;p), driving around in a little decorated sleigh:)


Ho, ho, hooooooooooo!                                                   It was a bit windy today- perfect shopping weather!

Happy 1.December everyone! 24 days to xmas and counting…;D


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