X- mas preparations in Surfers

It isn’t easy to get the xmas feeling when it’s 35 degrees, and humid…. But I’m going to give it my best! A couple of days ago I went to Pac Fair with Sanne to buy xmas presents. I’m over half way now (have to finish early so I can send the gifts to Norway in time). After a long day of shopping, I decided to buy a xmas tree (plastic pff course- or else it would probably turn brown in the heat within a day or two!!). We carried all the basg of decorations and presents to my house, and Sanne helped me put the tree up. Now it’s standing proud and green in our livingroom, full of little sparkling fairy lights and silver& red xmas decorations- the choice of colours of the year (I decide on a couple of different every year-  last year it was siver& gold). I have to admit it looks a bit our of place in this heat, but I’m determined to spread the xmas spirit, and celebrate like I do in Norway.

My grandma, Motte, made me a cute little couple of santa dolls for xmas last year, and they’re sitting on our couch with their cheeky smiles:) They do look a bit warm in their woollen clothes, but what else are they supposed to wear? Santa  here (at malls etc) wears boardies, thongs and a t- shirt…. Seems a bit odd to me!! Nope- my little santas will keep their wollen outfits:D Yesterday was the forth Sunday of advent (the 4 Sundays before xmas eve, we light a candle and sing a song or say a verse in Norway… I never remember the words, but do it anyways because it’s tradition:p). I tried to find a advent candle holder and candles, but this is the best I could do:


Lavender scented candles:p


2 Responses to “X- mas preparations in Surfers”

  1. michaela Says:

    nu ar det jul hemma hos er ocksa! vilka sota tomtar! sanna vill jag ocksa ha!

    firar ni lucia i norge? jag tankte att (oavsett om ni gor det eller ej) jag kunde baka lussekatter och bjuda dig och bertus pa dem och glogg da (pardejt plus poppy), vad sags?

    nar kommer du och halsar pa mig igen?


    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Ja- kjoepte julgran paa fredag:) Vi feirer ikke lucia som dere gjoer i sverige, men kommer gjerne forde! Soendag 13.Dec? Kan sikkert komme en tur neste uke ogsaa om det passer noen dag? 🙂 Puss!

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