3 years with my <3

Friday 27th November, me & B celebrated 3 years together. When we met in November 2006, we fell in love very quickly, and after about a week B asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend.. Maybe that’s not how it’s done anymore (most my friends have been in relationships where they have no idea if they’re dating, ‘hooking up’ or actually boyfriend/girlfriend. It usually is determined by a friend by asking,” so, are you together now?” (or something similar), but the wait until that moment, can be quit unbearable… So when B asked me, I was relieved- not only because I was falling for him at light’s speed, but also because it meant that we could start a relationship right away without all the wondering and insecurity. He wanted to be with me, I wanted to be with him, and we weren’t afraid to show it! Only a month after that day (or 1 month and 4 days to be exact), on New Years Eve, he asked me to marry him… I know it was early, but there wasn’t a flick of doubt in my heart- I knew it was us:) So on Friday, we celebrated our love, with gifts, cute cards and a romantic dinner:)

B woke me up with my favourite perfume (Gucci Envy Me), a set of toiletry bags, and a album he made with pictures from our wedding, and our 3 years togeher….. The sweetest thing!! I’ll treasure this album forever, because every picture is chosen by him, so it’s like watching our relationship through his eyes…. ❤

I bought him a xbox 360 controller, not romantic at all- I know, but that’s what he wanted (cause the other’s broken…). I promise to be more creative for xmas!!! Hard to keep up with my darling:p


As entrée we shared calamari with ruccula salad. I had white, and B red wine, and we had a wonderful meal of steak, and pizza:) Amazing food! It wasn’t fun to take the bus back to Surfers afterwards though- packed with singing, drunk, screaming schoolies…. :s Oh, well- next anniversary we’ll be celebrating in Norway;)


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