Lovin’ summer!

The xams was over a while ago. the end-of-sem party was a success and it’s summer in Surfers:) I wish the whole G.C. wasn’t crowded with schoolies though! (the city has been taken over by over 35 000 17 year- olds that are celebrating the graduation of high school by getting wasted on hotel balconies, throwing stuff down on the streets and screaming from the top of their lungs 24/7… bliss!! :s) I just have to suck it up though, because it’s not even been a week yet, and they’ll be here for 3 weeks in total (from different states every week…). Oh, well- I can’t complain! The sun is shining, and I have the beach right outside my door:) Most of my friends have left (or will be leaving soon) for Norway, but there’s a few of us left, and I’ll make sure that we’ll have heaps of fun:) So far I’ve been out to lunch a lot, been tanning a bit, gone out and visited friends:)

Me& May Linn enjoying the sun:)                                                                                   Me in Burleigh

May Linn in Burleigh                                                   I decided to climb a tree on my way home from a nite out.. random? :p

Hihi- me at the beach:p

This summer I’m planning to: Have heaps of BBQ’s, go dancing, make lots of cute dresses, go to Curumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Seaworld, decorate for xmas, bake cookies and make a gingerbread house, buy xmas presents, celebrate xmas, have heaps of fun with my darling, his family and my friends that are still here (and Helena that’s visiting me in a few weeks!), get a good tan, travel to Sydney, Byron Bay and Whitsunday Islands:) It’s going to be a great summer!! 😀


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