End of sem party -09!

Last Saturday we (ANSA) hosted it’s End- of- Sem party at Billy’s Beach House in Surfers. It was a sunny day in Paradise, and we started the fun at 2pm. The whole place was packed with almost 300 colourful party- people! We enjoyed cold drinks and BBQ in the sun, while catching up for one last time before most of the overseas students will go home to their home countries for x-mas. Even though we partied it up all day, I really didn’t want the party to end, since every semester is different, and the end of an era (and I won’t be here for another one)… When we finally stumbled in the door pretty late we were both tired& happy- after the best end- of sem party-EVER! 🙂

Here are some pictures that captures the day!

 Helene & MeAnnika & Sanne Nikolay & me

 Helene & Andrew Party people

 Nikolay enjoying the hottub:p

 Kristian enjoying a beer:)

 (Gustav, Marius 1 & 2, Jarl etc)

 Anja, May Linn & Hugo

 Jimmy & Bertus:)

Thank’s for a great party, guys! 😀


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