My room:)

Me & B are lucky enough to have 2 bedrooms in our flat, and because we have heaps of space, we simply use one room each:p We sleep in the same bed off course (in ‘my’ room), but other than that everything in the room is pretty much mine (except for a bedside table on his side). I know this is a luxury we won’t be able to afford once we move to Norway, but for now it’s pretty amazing to have all this space for my stuff:) I came to Oz as a backpacker with less than 15 kg in my bag, but after 3 years this has grown to unthinkable amounts… I now have over 30 pairs of shoes, more than 25 bags and dresses in every colour imaginable… I’ve stored away my winter clothes, but my closet still looks like this:

What am I going to do when we’re moving in a few months?? Suggestions to cheap shipping/mailing options are greatly appreciated!! I use a little rack- thingy for my bags, clutches, belts and ribbons. It’s starting to look a bit overflowing, but its’ nice to have some things to choose between- because every girl knows that it’s important to accessorize!

I have a cosy little nock where I get ready every morning. Here I have different little things that make me happy: 

Small pics from top left:

Cute card B gave me for our aniversary  Jewellery holder B gave me for my b’day (you can’t really see it, but it’s a manequin:p)Turqoise mask I made for a maskerade and a little box I keep my tiniest ear studs in:p

I also have a pictures of some of my friends and family that they have given me:) This way I always look at them before I start my day, and think about how they’re doing back home… Miss you guys!


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