No more xams- ever!!

Last night I had my very last xam- and I’m now done with xams forever!! I still have 2 courses to do to finish my degree, but I’m doing it now over summer (norwegian winter;p). The courses I’ve selected are ‘Introduction to life drawing’ and ‘Textiles: Material and conceptual investigation’ so I don’t really count them as uni courses because they’ll be fun! I only needed two first year arts electives- and these two will be perfect for my future as a fashion designer! The textile course will be online, so I can do it at night after I’ve been sunbathing;p The drawing course is just 2 weeks in February- so I have heaps of time to have fun! Finally I have no more boring assignments hanging over my head- no reading, writing (except for here off course:), and no stress!! I’m so relieved- I MANAGED TO FINISH MY BACHELOR DEGREE!!!! Wohoooo!! Yesterday I went out to celebrate right after I came home from my late exam, and due to weeks with studying and stress, and maybe a bit too much celebration, I ended the night asleep in our hallway..(!!) Today I’ve just relaxed with good conscience for a change (because there’s no assignments that needs to be written, or exams to cram for!!). The next few days I’m planning on getting a tan for the huge ANSA ‘end- of sem’ party on Saturday, make a dress to wear, then buy xmas presents for my family and friends at home (so I can send them over in time)- life’s good!! 🙂


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