My favourite person.. <3

Byron Bay, T&B's party 185My favourite person in the whole world is my hubby B.. He’s smart, handsome, a bit quirky like me, and he seems to actually know everything about everything (compared to me that just think I know everything;p) …. my darling! 

I always get stressed around xams, and know that I can’t be the easiest person to live with:s But B is patient, and never makes me feel bad about it- he just helps me out wherever needed, by making dinner when I’ve forgotten to eat for hours, clean the whole house while I’m out for a bit, or massage my tense shoulders…. He’s even brought me home  flowers twice this week- with the only reason that “I’m just so proud of you, and thought that you deserved something beautiful to cheer you up while you’re reading”… He’s absolutely amazing, and I can’t believe he’s ‘mine’:) But after tonight, I’ll be finished with xams and essays forever, and can finally have time to treat my beau the same way he treats me- like a king;p 

flowers 006





These are the flowers B got me the other day- think they’re coloured mini Orchids or something (don’t really know that much about flowers- I just like them;). I love the colours!! Thank’s sweetie!

flowers 011


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