Dear Santa..

I’ve been a really good girl this year, so I hope that you can make some of my wishes for x-mas come true!

xmas 2008 065Since I’m going to spend x-mas here in Oz with B, there’s many things I’ll miss from home: my dear family and amazing friends, but most of all my sister Celine! We always do every possible x-mas thing together; bake cookies and gingerbread houses, sing x-mas songs, do x-mas shopping, make x-mas dinners and make x-mas decorations… I’ll miss you sweetie!!

To make x-mas without my nearest& dearest more bearable, I’ve asked my dad for some Norwegian x-mas essentials:

303420-4-1249927339347-n400 n94966082447_1821                                      474norskSjokolade                                                                                  







In the month leading up to x-mas (‘advent’), Norwegian TV have x-mas series that are showing every day until x-mas eve. My absolute favourite, is ‘Amalie’s Jul’ which was the last one I watched as a kid. I hope my dad can find it in the store so I can spend ever night from1.December watching it while eating Norwegian candy and read Norwegian magazines:)

godisOn x-mas eve, (which we Norwegians celebrate from early morning to late at night), me and Celine always get up at 8am to watch x-mas TV for kids in our P.J.’s while eating our x-mas stockings that has been filled during the night by ‘Santa’;p This is the best part of x-mas, because we’re together, and looking forward to dressing up and have a huuuuuge dinner with our family at night and giving each other well- thought out presents:)

tre_notter_til_askepott_mThe most important thing on TV on x-mas is ‘Tre noetter til Askepott’ (3 nuts for cinderella??). It’s a movie based around the story about Cinderella made in Czechoslovakia in the 70ies… Instead of having subtitles, a Norwegian man dubbes the conversations and alters his voice to sound like the different characters… It might sound extremely weird to non- Norwegians (B laughed his head off last year…:p), but to us, it wouldn’t really be x-mas without it:)

These things will make x-mas down under a lot more enjoyable, as I can try and do the same thing as I would back home:) Luckily, my friend Helena from Sweden is coming to visit me for 3 whole weeks, so I’ll have a substitute for my sister;) 



Santa, if I’m lucky enough to get my wonderful package from Norway, I don’t really need anything more, but still here’s my wish- list for x-mas:)


     A trip to Sydney with my love! We’ve never been,               Eyeshadows from Isadora (they don’t have it in Oz):)

   and it’s one of the things you HAVE to see while in Oz:)


perfume  perfume2

Lipstick from MAC                      Perfume from Lancome         Perfume from Gucci

‘Ruby Woo’                                     ‘Magnifique’                                  ‘Envy me’


4 Responses to “Dear Santa..”

  1. australiamari Says:

    Few years ago I said to my brother that it’s kinda funny how one man does all the voices.
    “Hmmm, never thougt about that…” Haha.
    You just described how my christmas is going to be! Disney on TV in my PJs with my siblings is actually one of my favourite things to do. 😀

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Hehe- yup, a weird tradition, but there’s no real x- mas without that movie!! 😉 My 2 brothers used to join us on x- mas morning, but the grew out of it… The last few years it’s just been me & Celine tucked up on the couch with our blankeys:) I’ll have to manage x- mas without my dear family this year, but I’ll try my best to make it work;)

  2. Helena Says:

    Hej bejb! Vi kommer att få såååå kul i jul! Längtar, längtar, längtar! Jag ska ta m mig en CD-skiva m svenska julsånger som vi kan skråla till 😉 Hoppas att jag kan ersätta din syster litegrann iaf 😀 Ser verkligen fram emot att fira m er! Bara 25 dagar till jag kommer… Stor Kram & jättebra blogg!

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Saa kos!!Ser kjempe masse frem til du kommer!! V skal ha saa ku jo!! 🙂 Ska dra paa IKEA og skaffe julegran snart (vet de er tidig, men maa jo gaa litt ekstra inn for aa faa jule stemning her nede i varmen;p). Ses om noen faa uker gums!! Jiipppiii:) Klem

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