To fringe or not to fringe….

I have been tired of my hair for a while, and really want to do something different…. I used to colour my hair black when I was around 15, and the last few years I’ve had various shades of blond layered hair, so it’s time for a change! I’ve been colouring my hair ‘back to normal’ with highlights and lowlights for 3 months now, and has finally ended up with something like ‘natural’ ash- blonde hair… But now I’m considering a fringe! I’ve had fringe a couple of times before, but that has been the result of a bad hair day when I’ve tried to chop a fringe myself with scissors in the bathroom 10 minutes before I’m going out (so not too successful:s). I’m in love with the sixties, so I’m considering to get a ‘6o’ies fringe’ (think Bridget Bardot- Zooey Dechanel/ Katy Perry or the lead singer in the band ‘The Plasticines”).  I know it’s not like deciding on which car to get, what to study etc, but it’s still quit important (;p), so let me know what you think? I always wear my fringe braided or bobby- pinned to the side anyways, so I’m thinking that I could always continue with that if it winds up looking like crap…


Here’s some pictures of fringes I like:


Above: Zooey Dechanel and Bridget Bardot

Over: Lindsay Price: The fringe can be side- swept as well which makes it easier to create different looks:)Taylor Momsen-shag-hairstyleE.L.F._photoPicture 2

Because I’m still blonde, this is more similar to how it will look on me (even though the viritual photo has waaay to blunt fringe and the hair is orange:p). The pic to the right is kind of what I want…


Let me know what you think I should do!! 🙂




2 Responses to “To fringe or not to fringe….”

  1. australiamari Says:

    FRINGE! No doubt. If u can have one, get one! Me, on the other hand, can only dream about it with the crazy “kværvill” (;P) I’ve got! 😀

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      hehe- thx;) I think I will- sooooooooo tired of my hair, so will be good with a change:)

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